Upcoming Runs

  To receive an electronic version of the  LH3 TRASH e-mail Bugsy    libby25@bigpond.net.au

Run Information and Receding Hare Line 

LH3 is a Male only club -Visiting Females welcome.

Runs are held weekly on
Tuesday night commencing at 6:30 Pm
Run only $5.00

Mid strength  XXXX barrel beer $10.00

Mid strength XXXX barrel beer $15.00

Drivers light/heavy $10.00
 Gas Barbecue provided 
all year round

 BYO meat bread etc.

 BYO       “GRAIL”

Occasionally there is a pub run, on these nights purchase drinks and food at bar prices.

  Tuesday 27th February 6 Samclay Crt Perth


More Hares required see the Trail Master before he volunteers you to set a run.


Trail Master

Delly    Ph.0408039144

Scary Hash Hops 0408145397 
Bugsy Web Master 0429932288;
Rickshaw G.M  0438447439